Monday, 25 August 2014

Morning smile

How many of us wake up with a smile or at least greet the first person you see with a smile and a good morning.
Well, as for me sometimes it's a good morning with a smile  or just a mmmm.
This is Deveish, greeting his ammama with a smile ......and that made the day for me. 
Let us start the day with a smile and a greeting.

Friday, 1 August 2014

Our little angle....Deveish Vengkat

Let me introduce my new family member, my dearest Deveish Vengkat, my first grand son. This little angle came into my clan on 1st, July 2014. His proud parents, my daughter Rekha and son in law Jaya. 
This is him an hour after birth....

You will not believe this, being a parent is a wonderful experience, however having a grandson is something more than words can express. I am not a very baby person. My 2 kids were taken care by my mum. Sanggi my third , was the one that we looked after.  I always had a fear to bathe  these little angels..they are so, fragile....with came naturally. 

Indian families always have this special oil bath for the baby and mum on the 9th day. Every family will have their own way and rituals. It only made me more confused. Holy god, thanks to the net...where I got some good info which I used with the advice of family members and friends and this is a typical indian baby bath of course. I did not massage so much as I remember my mum would have done...but it was fun and also scary .....however all went well and now I am more confident

The bath starts with first boiling some special herbs overnight for the new mum and baby., once they are ready, the baby will be given a massage with gingelly oil. Special paste made from green peas and rice and some sandal wood powder and turmeric paste whichi has  to be grinder from dried turmeric. The mum too will be given this massage and hot shower.

After the bath we have to give him this process, to dry his hair, we add some neem oil , turmeric powder, and some Omam, the smoke he inhale will be of medicinal value to his lungs and stomach too.

After the massage and nice herbal bath baby is looking fresh and happy.

This is the little angle who without any words can make us jump and twist us with his little cry and smile and sweet u my dear grand son .....mush.....from your tata and ammama. 

Monday, 7 July 2014

Dup...Dup...Dup... 1 July 2014

Waiting for the arrival of my  dear grandchild....
Dup...Dup Dup...that's how my heart beat is. 16 Dec 1980, remember walking into GH KL for admission for delivery. Rekha too was a overdue baby. Today, 1 July 2014 and I am walking with my baby for her delivery....and my heart goes Dup...Dup...Dup as write this and my eyes are blurred with tears of joy. 
The joy of mother hood is a wonderful experience and it does not just come to you automatically. That was how I felt when i held rekha for the first time....after a while when you hold and cuddle the baby than starts the bond that no one can separate. With the experience of mother hood ....the love naturally flows when you hold your second and next baby. 
Love you all my dear....rekha, hari a sanggi

Monday, 23 June 2014

Minum petang - going traditionally Malaysian

Sajian untuk minum petang hari ini sudah siap. Very simple and traditional Malaysian kuih......kuih kastur.
Must try out more traditional kuih...another of my favorite is kuih lapis, kuih seri muka, kuih lompang and many more . Sesiapa ada receipe kuih traditional yang grantee jadi....please post...

Appointment .....

Left home at 6.15, to beat the jam to make for routine appointment at 9 am at Klinik Kesihatan Jinjang. 
Surprisingly the traffic flow was smooth and managed to reach by 7.45.  

At the registration  counter there was a 20 people waiting  line. On reaching the counter, the officer on duty tells me I have to wait because my appointment is at 9 am and they are attending to 8 am appointment . Oooookkkk....took my seat. Was dozing off because today had to wake up at  2.30am to send off sanggi. She was leaving for Temerloh about 3.30am. Ok I know it may sound ridiculous.....she rather drive off like this and spend an extra night with us at home.

Now back to my appointment, they call me at 8.45, while waiting met my old neighbour Mrs Xavier and had a chat with her. " Nageswarie Apana."....hear my name being called up registered at the counter my number for the  day 2072. Kalau minat 4 digit can try. 

Off to room 17, placed my  card and waited about 15 minutes. Called in by the nurse  to do the normal before seeing the doctor. That is take your weight and pressure and the nurse says...." Semua ok bp bagus 120/80, tunggu ya....nanti doktor panggil" off I go out with a terima kasih. So, tunggu another 10 to  15.  Nombor 2072 masuk....grab my bag and with a knock into room 16. 

Here I see a new person not my usual doctor. Goes through my blood test and says " Aunty your thyroid reading are better and briefs that it is a life  long medication and ..... next...Aunty your sugar is 6.2 fasting and 7.2 after sugar water drinking. According to him Malaysian standard ok but American it is slightly high because their reading should be 5.8 and below for normal. Will have to  do another test in 3 months. Bid him a thank you and off to collect my next appointment  date and prescription and to the pharmacy to collect my medication.

It's only 10.30am feeling happy,  still early and off to do my other chores before I go back home.

Monday, 16 June 2014



You rush to the phone and still panting and you a soft tone....

Yes, the voice of your loved one expecially if they are not staying with you. Could be your parents, husband, wife, children, relatives or even friends.

My mum  is bed ridden and can't speak...but when my siblings or her brother calls her she responds....with an aaaahhhhh....sound or a blink.... That is how much it matters .......

So, guys don't wait to make a call or put it off..

Saturday, 14 June 2014

Happy Fathers Day


15 june 2014,

Yes, its Father's Day today,  never was a home. Wishing my father, my father in law and the father to my kids was a sure thing....and also to all fathers.

For my kids, having the father at home on Father's Day was something because of his nature of job. Otherwise he would out flying. Today my hubby at home and my daughter rekha is with us...  My two other children are at work and away from Home. Of course, bed calls have come in to wish him.

His favorite breakfast.....mee goreng ,,, simple right already and served. Now getting ready for lunch...again his favorite .....vegetarian cod fish curry with brinjals, bean sprouts, bayam  and roasted potatoes.

His love and sacrifice and will always cherished we humbly wish him good health and happiness always...

It is not only today but everyday is Father's Day and we love you very much....
Thank you for everything...expecially we crazy gang.....

Once again Happy Father's Day to the 3 great man in my life, you will always have a place reserved in my heart

My dear father....always remembered fondly

My dear father in law....a strong man

My hero....