Friday, 19 December 2014

Time togather

Many times I try to arrage an outing with my sisters and never happens. However 2 days ago , that is on Wednesday night called my sisters and said can we just out for lunch and then finish with tea and call it a day.  Among the 4 of us only 3 of us could make it...without calling it off ... we went ahead . With it became 5 With my niece and grandson.

We left at about 11.00 pm heading for lunch at Gems, Brickfields. The place was not full ...we went for vegetarian briyani..I remember having vegetarian  briyani here about 3 yrs back and liked it. Hoping for the same flavors ...however, just the cooks must have changed because it was nothing to recomand to anyone. In the mean time my little angle was not very comfortable than the restaurant had filled up and was a bit noisy...little friend was not too comfortable...we took turn to have lunch. Wanted to finish with Koolfi that is indian ice cream changed our mind because my 5 month grandson who wants to grab everything within his reach was getting restless. 

 Christmas around.. Wanted to get into the mood and drove over to Suria, KLCC. The Christmas decorations were ....but was surely crowded probably year end  sales or the festive season. Thinking that my grandson would be excited to see the lighted up our dismay...he was actually cranky due to the crowd and noise...guess he was missing his comfortable  zone.

We talked, mostly laughed a lot ...  And that was fun....All in all, it was not the was being togather. Thank you Kris, with all the dead lines to  meet before year end you valued the time to be you dear. Keeping my fingers crossed for another time togather.

Monday, 20 October 2014

Diwali the Festival of Lights..

20.10.2114.....Monday for most of us it a working Monday, but to all Hindus who will be celebrating Diwali or Deepavalli on the 22.10.2014 it's a busy day.....

My Diwali creapt into my house at about 2am last night...This year my son hari is the the first to come home. My daughter rekha and grandson, Deveish left to Seremban yesterday to celebrate  Diwali with her in laws. Sanggi my younger girl will onl back tomorrow evening.

It has been a practice in my family to have a special Diwali reunion dinner on Diwali eve  it's with my inlaws. It's on the eve too that we exchange gifts. Ang Pow is given on Diwali day after taking blessing from the elders. Normally we set a theme for the food and work towards it. It gives me immense pleasure to prepare the food and everyone giving a hand in the preparation. This year it is North Indian cuisine.

To be contined......

 Diwali wishes to my dear family and friends.

Sunday, 12 October 2014

Day of pride

11 October 2014, is a memorable and a proud day for my dear sangeetha and we her parents.

Although working for almost 10 months now, only today we had, the pleasure to witness her graduation at the AIMST university in Sungai Petani,Kedah.

Many may know that Sangee started her medical studies in Padang, Indonesia. Due to natural disaster, the earth quake which hit Padang in the year 2009 with scale of 8.5 which tore the city of Padang,the campus of University Andalas. The Malaysian government gave our students a one off chance for credit transfer and places in local private universities. AIMST was one of the Universities and Sangee choose to continue her studies here. It was all hard work to and struggle to where she is standing today.

Today as she graduates with a MBBS degree, the memories of her survival and struggle in Indonesia and in the AIMST university brought tears of joy to see her walking to receive her scrool, congratulations to you my dear,  her batch mates and her dear Padang Gang.

Sanggi ma, congratulations on your graduation dear. As you go forward take along the lessons you learned in university and make your dreams come true. Our blessings are always for you ma..

Monday, 29 September 2014

My heros

The month of September, brought 2 memorable events in my life....
My 2 heros, my son Hari and grand son Deveish
On the 20 th of September my son celeberated his 30 th birthday, it has been some years that his birthday fell on a weekend.  Glad that he came down to be with us.

 My putera with his birthday cake....

Sunday the 21st September, another memorable grand son had his 1st balding ceremony...which the maternal uncle that is tplays an important role. The balding ceremony has to conducted with his maternal uncle carring him. We were a little nervous how baby Devish will react and will my son Hari be able to handle him. Well, Devish hats off to you baby....he sat down quietly until his crown was cleared. 

My handsome hero....

Monday, 25 August 2014

Morning smile

How many of us wake up with a smile or at least greet the first person you see with a smile and a good morning.
Well, as for me sometimes it's a good morning with a smile  or just a mmmm.
This is Deveish, greeting his ammama with a smile ......and that made the day for me. 
Let us start the day with a smile and a greeting.

Friday, 1 August 2014

Our little angle....Deveish Vengkat

Let me introduce my new family member, my dearest Deveish Vengkat, my first grand son. This little angle came into my clan on 1st, July 2014. His proud parents, my daughter Rekha and son in law Jaya. 
This is him an hour after birth....

You will not believe this, being a parent is a wonderful experience, however having a grandson is something more than words can express. I am not a very baby person. My 2 kids were taken care by my mum. Sanggi my third , was the one that we looked after.  I always had a fear to bathe  these little angels..they are so, fragile....with came naturally. 

Indian families always have this special oil bath for the baby and mum on the 9th day. Every family will have their own way and rituals. It only made me more confused. Holy god, thanks to the net...where I got some good info which I used with the advice of family members and friends and this is a typical indian baby bath of course. I did not massage so much as I remember my mum would have done...but it was fun and also scary .....however all went well and now I am more confident

The bath starts with first boiling some special herbs overnight for the new mum and baby., once they are ready, the baby will be given a massage with gingelly oil. Special paste made from green peas and rice and some sandal wood powder and turmeric paste whichi has  to be grinder from dried turmeric. The mum too will be given this massage and hot shower.

After the bath we have to give him this process, to dry his hair, we add some neem oil , turmeric powder, and some Omam, the smoke he inhale will be of medicinal value to his lungs and stomach too.

After the massage and nice herbal bath baby is looking fresh and happy.

This is the little angle who without any words can make us jump and twist us with his little cry and smile and sweet u my dear grand son .....mush.....from your tata and ammama. 

Monday, 7 July 2014

Dup...Dup...Dup... 1 July 2014

Waiting for the arrival of my  dear grandchild....
Dup...Dup Dup...that's how my heart beat is. 16 Dec 1980, remember walking into GH KL for admission for delivery. Rekha too was a overdue baby. Today, 1 July 2014 and I am walking with my baby for her delivery....and my heart goes Dup...Dup...Dup as write this and my eyes are blurred with tears of joy. 
The joy of mother hood is a wonderful experience and it does not just come to you automatically. That was how I felt when i held rekha for the first time....after a while when you hold and cuddle the baby than starts the bond that no one can separate. With the experience of mother hood ....the love naturally flows when you hold your second and next baby. 
Love you all my dear....rekha, hari a sanggi